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To lead and support collaboration among Higher Education Careers Service
professionals throughout Ireland and be the recognised authority on graduate
employability, placement and Career Development Learning


Objective one

To engage, support and communicate with the membership on a regular basis
through the AHEC’s website, regular newsletters, face to face events and social

Objective two

To support resource development and sharing of information resources and tools
amongst AHECS Member Career Services.

Objective three

To provide opportunities to new and existing members Continual Professional
Development to ensure the highest standards of delivery.

Objective four

To identify and promote best practice within a range of areas such as work
placement, CPD, employability, labour market and research post graduate and other
areas of work that might emerge.

Objective five

To develop a consistent brand to support external advocacy and to be the
recognised authority on graduate employability, career development learning,
placements and internships advocating at a government and policy level, both
national and international.